Meth Cleanup

If your property has been found to be positive for dangerous levels of methamphetamine, hiring a professional firm to evaluate the property for meth contamination clean-up will give you an idea of the cost and work needed to bring the property to safe acceptable levels and provide you a more complete picture of the contamination evidences present on the property.

Some states allow or require the decontamination specialists to perform their own clearance testing on the work they have performed? We all know this is a conflict of interest. It seems ridiculous allowing the clean-up firm to do their own clearance testing. It is like placing the fox in the hen house to protect the hens.

It is our suggestion that you hire your own testing firm to perform duplicate clearance testing to verify that the clean-up firm has actually completed their job.

Although an added expense, neutral third party meth testing will help prevent the nightmare of having to pay for additional decontamination clean-up after the work has already been done and paid for.

Due to the large financial decisions that rely upon the outcome of the methamphetamine contamination test results, we do not recommend self-testing with out using a lab testing company when making these important decisions.

If there is any meth detected or doubts about the lab findings call a certified Meth Inspector who is licensed and approved by your state.

Self-Testing Without Lab Work

Self-testing can save considerable amounts of money, but with the cheap test kits all that is provided is a nearly incomprehensible results which you have to try and read and understand. With a testing kit from you will get a detailed report from a professional lab that states the methamphetamine contamination levels in the sample that was sent to the lab. If it has tested positive you can compare the results to your States minimum levels or call the lab for explanation.

Meth Secondary Surveys

If your self testing has come back positive or is above the State minimum standards then it is highly recommended you hire a professional meth testing company to do a more thorough testing of the property. This could cost anywhere from $500 to as high as $2,500 or more depending on the size and number of testing sample areas on the property. You need to know the extent of the damage to the property, to know how it can be remediated.

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