Why Test?

Home Buyers, Property Owners, Landlords and Renters:

Every one of you should have a vested interest in making sure the property is safe for habitation.

Home buyers and renters don’t wait until you have moved in to see if the property is safe. If buying a home or renting an apartment, make your offer to purchase contingent upon a clean drug contamination test. Just because an apartment is clean, has been painted don’t assume it is safe from any contamination. It is costly and damaging to live in a drug contaminated home or apartment, for you, your family and your future financial well being.

For under $90 a property owner, landlord, buyer or renter can test up to four locations and can have a peace of mind knowing the property is clean of meth.

One homeowner I know sold their home, bought and moved into another without getting a meth test preformed. Within 3 weeks of moving into their new home some of the children began getting very ill. After the home tested positive for meth they moved out never to move back in. All of their down payment and equity in the home was lost.

Testing a property BEFORE buying or renting can save your health and protect the single largest investment most people make in their life time.

Property owners and landlords wouldn’t you want to know if the property you’re buying has been used as a drug house? Recently on one four-plex I performed a meth test and it came back positive on 3 out of the 4 units. Are you as the landlord or property owner ready to handle the liability and lawsuits which can occur by having renters live in such unsafe conditions? Ignorance is not a good defense. When buying a property or when renters vacate a property it would be a wise move to do a simple meth drug test to see if it is still a safe home or apartment.

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